CJM's Services:

Inside Services

Human Connection Services – providing services to incarcerated individuals in 4 prisons and 10 jails:

  • Group classes
  • Ministry services
  • One-on-one visits
  • Letter communication (pen pal).

Outside Services

Direct Services – providing items to address immediate needs:

  • Bus passes
  • Emergency meds
  • Clothing and hygiene items
  • Referrals to services (e.g. employment agencies, food pantries, & legal assistance).

Reentry Programs – providing year-long supportive housing and wrap-around services to the most vulnerable:

  • Release to Rent
  • Release to Rent – Veterans

Community Services

Education and Advocacy – providing information about the criminal justice system and its impact on the community:

  • Presentations at school, church and community groups
  • Classes with community members
  • Contact with legislators

*For information about current and continuing services, please contact:

Aaron Laxton

Director of Client Services



*For information about volunteer opportunities and services, please contact:

Rose Rita Huelsmann

Volunteer Coordinator